Connection Journals

Inspired by Suleika Jaouad’s The Isolation Journals, a thoughtful endeavor to bring people together through creativity, our Connection Journals serve the same purpose: to provide an opportunity to pause, breath, reflect and create as a community during this unusual and challenging time of social distancing.


The first journal prompt will be sent via email on Monday April 6th and we’ll collectively finish our Connection Journals in May.  Any community member can join at any time so feel free to hop in during the middle of the month. 


How to Join:

Simply sign up with your email address on the form below and a new journal prompt will be sent to you each morning at 6:30am. 



  1. Dedicate 10 minutes to responding to the prompt each day. If you’re feeling inspired and have the time to go longer, go for it! 

  2. You can respond to the prompt in any creative form: write, draw, paint, dance, compose, create something else.

  3. Sharing is completely optional. If you’d like to share your responses or creations, you can use #LVUSDConnects on social media.


Whether you dedicate a new, bound journal to this project, scratch your thoughts on a piece of recycled paper, or write on your phone or tablet, we encourage you to make this opportunity your own and customize it in any way that might best meet your needs.

Ashley Wenter

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